Spirit Dynamics

Spirit Dynamics is a system for understanding people, groups and how they can achieve their greatest potential.

4 Principles

Spirit Dynamics is based on the following 4 principles:

1.  Flow

People operate at their best when they are in flow – this is the state of least resistance where they feel energised, motivated and inspired, and are totally engaged in what they are doing.  Projects or Organisations can also operate most effectively in a state of flow when each individual is in a role that suits them, and all actions are done at the appropriate time.

2.  Diversity

People and groups are different.  They are in flow at different times and in different situations.  By encouraging the strengths of each we create a human ecosystem in which everyone can be in flow and reach their potential.

3.  Conscioiusness

There is a spectrum of human consciousness ranging from the most worldly to the most otherworldly.  People are most in their flow at a particular point in the spectrum, and should be encouraged to explore in the way appropriate for them.  Each point on the spectrum also has its own strengths and weaknesses, and by encouraging appropriate roles depending on people’s place on the spectrum we create more harmonious, and effective social relationships

4.  Harmony

The Ultimate Power is harmony – by being in harmony with ourselves, others, and the universe, we create an irresistible force for positive transformation.


Spirit Dynamics uses a set of techniques aimed at exploring those principles.  The techniques are a combination taken from:

  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Dragon Dreaming
  • Dialectic Materialism
  • Community Empowerment
  • Progressive Utilisation Theory
  • Benevon Fundraising
  • and our own research


Spirit dynamics can be effectively applied to a wide range of issues and situations such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Poverty
  • Religious Understanding
  • Spiritual and Community Development
  • Mediation
  • Individual Counselling
  • Etc.

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