We want to help you find your flow

Here is a short introduction to Spirit Dynamics – the principles that we use as a basis for our facilitation. With Spirit Dynamics we will help you to find and understand yourself better. In our workshops we discuss everything more detailed, ask and answer questions and find your identity. Share your experiences with other people who are the same type as you and although learn more about other people. Discover you and learn for life. We are happy to meet you.

Flow: We call it the path of least resistance. You are energized, motivated, inspired, lose sense of time passing, feel no stress. And this model will help you to find your flow:

00 Dynamics - color2

The inner model is for a external view of your personality. How you find your flow in work and other active parts of you life.

The outside model is a spiritual view. How do you find your flow in your religion and spirituality. At first we have a look at the external map.

External Map

 10 Wealth Dynamics-color

Dynamo: It means you allways find new ideas and possibilities. You see a map of all  thinks laid out in front of you. You see the whole, not the details.

Tempo: You are focused on the things in front of you, right here, right know. You don’t know the whole picture, but you see what needs your attention now. You are more sensitive to step by step.

Blaze: Extrovert. You enjoy chaos and unpredictability.

Steel: Introvert. You need plans and structure. You usually don’t like to have many people around you, because humans are unpredictable.

11 Visionair-color Creator: You have many ideas, sometimes to many.

12 Star-colorPresenter: You love to give ideas. And especially you love to talk about yourself and your ideas.

13 Supporter-color Supporter: Pure Blazes, that means you are strong with people. Communicating is yourlife.

14 connecter-colorConnecter: Your strenght is communication in the appropriate time. You like to meet people and connect them.If you not connected tohumans, you although can be connected to nature and animals.

15 nuterer-color Carer: You love to be assistance. You are not that good with long conversations, but happy to help any time.

16 finance-colorInvestor: You are looking towards slowly building something up. You take no risks.

17 oganiser-color Organiser: You like things to be controlled and structured. You are good in managing details.

18 mechanic-color

Mechanic: You love to fix problems and you are very precisely. You want to see how systems work.

Internal Map

20 Spirit Dynamics-color

Intent: You have goals and you know how to get there. You are the born businessman.

Presence: You make the best out of my current situation. You live in the now.

Action > Faith: You want to do things. You have a relationship to God and you talk to him.

Understanding > Force: You want to understand things. You believe in a force that moves the universe.

28 light-color

Light: You feel like having a relationship with God. You speak and listen to him.

21 sun-color

Prayer: You ask God for help. You know where you are going and you are  conservative.

22 Sky-colorSky:  You know where we going and the sky is the limit. You have questions about the existence of God and you are rational about it.

23 rain-color

Rain: You water everything across the globe, you are a good team-player and want to have fairness. You want to fight for the right things, but in a harmonious way.

24 river-colorRiver: Here are the most spiritual intellectuals. So you really like to study and understand.

25 lake-colorLake: You want to be in the presence and conscious. You look for quiet and peacefulness.

26 forrest-colorForest: You are a hippy. You enjoy your spontaneous freedom. You are looking for an ecstatic spiritual experience.

27 mountain-colorMountain: You have a fire inside and you are very physical. You want to take action now! Your relationship to God is more surrendering.