We provide various facilitation services:

  • Organisational facilitation – to not for profit organisations, and social enterprises to help them achieve their potential
  • Life coaching – to individuals to help you find your path
  • Political Facilitation – to help political groups to achieve positive social change through understanding the forces that stand against them and how to use those forces to their advantage.

Our facilitation uses a series of techniques including:

  • Talent Dynamics
  • Benevon Fundraising
  • Co-operative Economics
  • Participatory Community Development
  • etc.

 Music Lessons

Learning Style adapted to Students

Our Music Lessons are based on a deep understanding of our students learning styles.  Students find that they learn quickly and enjoy their lessons because they are learning something that suits them, and they are quickly able to express themselves in a meaningful way.

Interesting Musical Styles

This also means that different students study different kinds of music – some more classical, some jazz, some folk music depending on the individual tastes of the students.


Our current specialties are Violin, Guitar and Ukulele, but we will teach most instruments, and do our best to find the right teacher for you if we can’t teach it ourselves.


We offer a small selection of healing services, and anticipate growing to others in the future:

  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Theta Healing
  • Chiron Healing
  • Bowen Therapy