The Phoenix Pond is dedicated to the creation of Harmonious, Inspiring projects.  We are always looking at new things we can do to encourage a more harmonious, inspirational way of life.

We have a series of projects that we are working on at the moment, and plenty more that we would like to get going in the future.  If you would like to get involved in any of our existing projects, or have any ideas for new projects please contact us.

Here are a few of our existing and future projects:

Alcohol Free Events

Imagine a place where people can get together and enjoy their time and meet others in their community – like a pub but with a more positive uplifting vibe.  It would sell various drinks and simple food.  We are currently hosting parties along these lines, and hoping to grow them into a larger project.  It would be great to have energy and collaboration in growing and encouraging this.

Housing Co-operative

Some of us are living together in share houses that we operate in a communal way, and describe as “micro-community”.  We are looking into the possibility of expanding this by buying property and creating urban community.

In the future we would like to get people together to collectively buy houses and live and share together – we could gradually get houses close together, remove the fences, do permaculture gardens, and create an inspiring communal way of living in the city.


The Holy Burger

This would be a healthy eating version of a fast food place – it would sell bagels as burgers – with a hole in the middle – hence the name holy burgers.

Rural Permaculture and Spiritual Community

We are inspired by the communes of Australia, and the Kibbutzim of Israel – putting together some of the best features of each, and a little of our own experiences we think we can make something even more inspiring.  It would have its own business departments – workshops and festivals as well as gardening, and farming etc.  People would be free to choose what element of the community they want to contribute to – which work they enjoy to do – it would include permaculture and natural building as well as spirituality, and community, and unity – bringing together much of the different ideas and projects that we are doing into one.