K1024_IMG_1815We want to help people who are seeking for more understanding. The answer usually lays within us and everyone is different. That is why our faciliation is concentrated on the different people and how they can be happy with their lifes. We want to help you personally or your groups and although in your relationship. Just contact us.

Organisational facilitation
for not for profit organisations and social enterprises.
We help you to achieve your full potential as a group.

Life coaching
for individuals and couples.
We help you to understand you better and find your path. Where are your potentials and what gives you satisfaction. We want to point you in a direction where you can find happiness in life.

Political Facilitation
for political groups.
We help you to achieve positive social change. Understand the forces that stand against you and learn to use those forces to your advantage.

K1024_IMG_1808Our facilitation uses a series of techniques including:

  • Spirit Dynamics
  • Benevon Fundraising
  • Co-operative Economics
  • Participatory Community Development
  • etc.


Here you can have a very short introduction to Spirit Dynamics.