Levels of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness

The 7 Chakras are quite well known these days.  If you don’t know about them check out this website.  The 7 Chakras are the main energy centres located inside the physical body, but there are plenty of minor energy centres, and some located outside of the physical body.  2 that are particularly useful for the work that we are doing here is the earth chakra – located between the feet and connecting you to the energy of the earth, and the heaven chakra – located about a foot above the head, and responsible for connecting you to divine light.

In the same way that there are 7 chakras, there are also 7 levels of the aura, and each is responsible for a different level of consciousness.  The Aura is an extension of the physical body, and can be considered as the 0 level of the aura.  Then we have the instinctive level – responsible for instinctive survival instincts – eating, sleeping, fighting, etc.

The second level is the emotional level – responsible for the beginning of social relationships – desires, and karma is stored at this level.

The third is the Rational level – thoughts, memories, logic.  This is the level that mainstream society is focused on these days.

The fourth is insight, the beginnings of intuition, and the seat of creativity and artistic expression.

The fifth is transcendence, detachment, compassion – being able to see the big picture.

The sixth level of consciousness is the ability to love all things, people experience love of God, and of the world, and of everyone they meet.

The seventh level brings everything together into unity – we are part of one great divine web – everything is interconnected.  You cease to feel separation, and there is a certain joy of connection.

Beyond the 7th level is really beyond the aura – the 7th level of the aura is infinite in size, covers the whole universe – the 8th level is where consciousness transcends space and time, and all is one being – (this is what a lot of the mystics were talking about when they described the experience of God)

So the spiritual journey is an opening of the higher levels of consciousness, and expansion of the level of consciousness that you are working through.


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