Do You Believe

Arguments rage between Theists and Atheists – is there a God? Does it matter? What is this God?

From a certain perspective this says more about the nature of the people arguing than anything really about God. People on the left of the diagram have an innate instinct for simple rational explanations of the world. They feel that if there is anything divine it is only the demonstratable scientifically valid aspects that need concern them – people on the right have a more mythical, sentimental approach that is not satisfied by bare provable facts and wants a deeper explanation. They have an innate sense of the divine as a being. In the middle of course there is a middle ground – the sense that maybe there is some divine being, but we don’t really know for sure. These people are happy with uncertainty.

Who is right? On a factual level I don’t think we will ever really know, but on a practical level each one is right for themselves – by following a path that is inline with your natural instincts and beliefs you can progress much more easily on the spiritual path.

Are you Atheist? Theist? or Agnostic?

Dharma dynamics 9 spiritual paths


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