9 Spiritual Paths

There are 9 major approaches to spirituality that i have found. (i used to think there were 8, but it turns out i missed one.) Each one goes with a certain personality, a certain approach to the world. Most people find that one of them is much more attractive, and easier than the others.

Which one attracts you?

Dharma dynamics 9 spiritual pathsinlakech Emotional Freedom and the Shamanic path

pentagramWhite Magic and the Wiccan path

crossFaith and the Christian Path

yinyangRelaxation and the Taoist Path

Peace symbol - upside downNature and Deep Permaculture

indexWisdom, Kabbalah and Judaism

zen circle Expansive awareness, and Buddhism

omUnion and devotion and the Yogic Path

muslim symbolSurrender and the Sufi and Islamic Path


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