Our Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to inspire a new society in which everyone can contribute from within their flow, creating harmony and holistic flourishing

At the phoenix Pond we empower people and groups seeking transformation through education, collaboration and one to one support.

The Phoenix Pond is a not-for-profit cooperative, founded 2012 by Alexander McDonell and Tlalit Orr.


Alexander and Tlalit are both first and foremost community minded. They moved into Perth in 2011 and found themselves surprised with the level of segregation and lack of community spirit in their neighbourhood. This triggered a chain of actions, starting with communal living in their own household and the creation of this NFP organisation. Both Alexander and Tlalit believe that with skill and good will, it is possible to have harmonious communities, where true joy and contentment can be experienced by people, at least most of the time. They believe that with self-knowledge and the understanding of how society can operate as a human ecology, most conflicted situations can be resolved. And The Phoenix Pond Cooperative is committed to the demonstration of this possibility on small and large scale – be it helping one individual, an business, an organisation, or a large scale community.